RVA Stealy Tshirt

Price: $35.00
Represent Richmond, Virginia, your og counterculture leanings and love of the good ol' Grateful Dead with this Stealie featuring the Richmond Skyline and 13 point lightning bolt James River! Complete with the VA state flower and bird. On the back is 804 in case anyone wants to know what the area code is where you're from. Neato shiny silver highlights! So Fancy!

RVA Stealie

Price: $9.50

Represent home plate and/or that hip southern city you love to party in and the ragin' kids that live there with this stealie featuring the Richmond, VA skyline and James River 13 point lightning bolt. This was a collaboration with Devon Brown (Dee Brizzle), hense the Roots Vision DEEsign at the bottom. They're about 4x5 inches and comes in packs of 5. This is quite possibly a limited edition, so once they're gone, their gone!

Richmond, Virginia Deadhead sticker


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