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Fragmented Whole

seeing the world through your eyes and my reflection observing the natural selections bees are dyin' while people are shoppin' online cream of the crop with million dollar laughter killing our sons and daughters open your mind and reveal the real you all naked and see through translucent; translucent obscurity, uncertain democracy technological leaps past a forgotten reality. The search for one's self in a world ever changing, the meaning of life in society's lost meanings. A quest for knowledge in the age of information. Driven towards purpose with unclear intentions,

What would "They" Do?

We have all seen these images many times. I invite you to meditate on the symbolism within the pictures. Where are we Now? What does this mean? Election day is soon. The full moon is full of "Strange Fire" and all Hallows Eve is upon us. Dance in the Strange Fire. Release the mystical passion inside that has been waiting for this moment all of your life! Light & Love

Radical Behavior

I typed in the search "What is the war on terror?" The first article in the search is an actual Washington created site and states, verbatim, "The US Government in 2008 actively seeks to stamp out extremism or Radical behavior" There is No mention of who is being radical or what there extreme action is!!! What does this mean? What is extremism or radical behavior? Radical-(webster's)- From the Latin for Root; of or relating to, proceeding from a root; growing from the base of a stem that does not rise above the ground; Marked by a considerable departure from the usual or traditional!

Trance America

Roll in your metal box with your eyes on the time angry at the renaissance of opening of mind you fail to get the humor of a novice on her skates and laugh at the business of letting go of hate Trust Truth and Kindness; given away to radicals- Whole Setting Them on Fire The lost trials of Justice were purchased with a fine Soft oil is bleeding from the wounds of Gaia's Breast the Paper Bandage soaking, it begins to tear Phalli-cies are burning in the fires they ignite the privileged Trash goes wasted

Ode to the Brainwashed

You can see by the outside that the inside is clear
though you cower from the truth of it when It comes near
the Refection is often hidden on the outside of the glass
judgments overshadowed by race creed and class
mind illuminating dancers sway; bright
we pop pills to cure the insight &
numb the Mind with ignorance that possessions rule the world
Hungry men devour the spirit that is yours &
sell our souls like whores to
the corporate who enslave and yet are so spiritually poor

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