Brundage Mountain Jam 2

This is the first festy like this i've been to in the northwest trying to promote this stuff. This is Brundage Mountain Jam's second year. It was supposed to be in the 5,000 person range but due to unfortunate timing, the festival was held on the same weekend as 2 other Jam festivals in the same state, Idaho (yes they have more than cowboys and Mormons there). empty parking lotas a result attendance was more than a little disappointing. The promoters were clearly unhappy about this as they were losing tons of money, and the security guards were being dicks about power tripping type stuff like you could only use a particularly convenient entrance to the stage area if you had a laminate. Oh yeah this entrance was nowhere near any kind of backstage area. Anyway, it made no sense. It was also kind of funny, the security guards were all decked out in cammo like some paramilitary group.

the zkamp Brundage krewI traveled there with the band Z-kamp in their RV who are posted up in Olympia, WA which has really good water apparently. They were cool as shit despite their penchant for tie dye (just kidding yo!) and i had a great time making a new circle of friends on the other coast. They played an awesome show too which featured a very cheeseball charley like hooper and a totally unconnected a 17 minute version of terrapin. They obviously have a great interest in satire and humor in general and an appreciation for the GLK's in particular. They are proof that you don't have to be a heroin addict to appreciate and or wear this stuff.

cheeseball charley like hooper Z-Kamp on stage

Donna Jean and the Tricksters headlined and played a great show, insiring me to fuck my already sprained ankle up even more gettin' down. Afterward we made a point to go hang out with ol' Donna which is well documented, and more on what happened is coming later in the documentary.

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