Cheeseball Charley t shirt

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Price: $50.00

This is a high quality resin transfer print (like the serial killer shirts) on Guildan pre-shrunk heavy cotton. There's no Backprint.

Ok ok so he's not exactly a GHETTO lot kid, but he is everywhere at these shows/festies and deserves to get made fun of too. Maybe not for the same reasons, but fuck it, it's funny. Don't worry, EVERYONE will get made fun of before this is over.

Be his myspace friend! (he needs it) Cheeseball Charley's Myspace page

Want to put Cheeseball Charley somewhere online? just cut and paste this code!!!

This is one of the original screenprinted back and front shirts from 10 years ago. All that shit about Myspace is also from 10 years ago which I left for historical interest or nostalgia or maybe because it's so quaint. Once it's gone it's gone. That's why you probably don't see your size. That's also why they're $50.