Darien Lakes

Well... I got popped at D Lakes back in 05 and just got out a few months ago. I am now forced to live in the county that the venue is in and have a better idea about how this area works... Within Genesee County there is a state police barracks, the sherrif's department, a homeland security office as well as various city and villiage police departments that you could come across while drunkenly trying to find a hotie. And just to make it more interesting... I was at Orleans Correctional Facility for three years. This is in a neighboring county. One of the CO's who knew exactly who I was, and what I did decided to tell me that the head of security is a former correctional officer and for concerts where they expect problems, such as anything with a lot scene, they hire off duty CO's to pick up the slack... Some of those guys that are frisking you at the gate frisk inmates for weapons every day.

Sorry to hear they did that too you man, and thanks for the heads up. where is Darrien Lakes again? EVERYBODY BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!

The venue is in Darien, New York... Right between Buffalo and Rochester. Just to get from the exit (48-a off of I-90) to the venue you have to deal with three different sets of town cops, plus the sherriff's dept. and the staties... And all the hoties on exit 48 (Batavia where I live) are by the State Police barracks and across the street from Homeland Security and down the street from the Sherrif's Department...