Ed Wardo, Arteest

Ed Wardo, cultural elite.Undercover wook extraordinaire
Ed Wardo was trained as a fine artist and received a degree in Art History and Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University. He was prepared for the lofty world of galleries, museums, art magazines and grad school.

However, he abandoned the world of High Art almost immediately after graduation to go on tour and embark on a life of debauched revelry instead, becoming completely wooked out. While awaiting incarceration for intending to distribute marijuana years later he was on the road to All Good when he was blinded by a bright light and heard a booming voice commanding him "go legit" by making humorous designs to be displayed on t-shirts, stickers and posters using his experiences as inspiration. This, the voice assured him, would make him a lot of money. I mean, look at Be Good Family Dave, it said. This was to become the “Vision” in the name of the creative collective, Roots Vision Design which he co founded with his girlfriend at the time, she having received her own illumination on a barge back from Wakarusa at 4:30 in the morning that it would be funny to make a parody of Garbage Pail Kids satirizing the “Tour” subculture. The “Roots” in the name were a reference to the roots of his own natty, natty dread locks which he cut before the trial in a failed attempt to fool the court.

Over the next few months and later while being crushed under the jack-booted iron heal of The Man, He made detailed drawings of several archetypal characters commonly found on lot which were intended to only be fully comprehended by the same small subculture they were intended to ridicule. After returning from his “vacation” he taught himself the necessary graphics software to develop the images and put them on various things heads might pay for. In 2006 they were released on Phil tour and he used the relatively new social media site Myspace to promote them. From there they spread online via message boards such as Phantasy Tour. Ironically, the reaction was for the most part favorable and not as much nakedly hostile (although there was a lot of that too).

Since then he has worked on his own and in collaboration with other artists and visionaries to create often humorous, sometimes poignant pop cultural and social references under the Roots Vision Design name almost but not quite re-entering the lofty world of the culturally elite he had left behind, and almost but not quite forsaking his wooky ways. He plans to continue making fun of the people he's met right to their collective face, and then hanging out with them a little later.


You gotta hand it to a man that can take something as classic as the garbage pail kids and turn it into something so socially relevant that it gets him recognize coast to coast in an underground scene love you Ed keep up the good work man talk to you soon
Mr. McPuffingtons