Z Kamp Express Wheruhjuanuhgo album cover

Wheruhjuanago album cover; click to see it big Check out The album cover I just made for this jam band from Olympia, WA. While your at it check out some of their tunes: Z Kamp's Shite. They definitely jam with a certain edge which sets them apart from the rest of the herd in a refreshing way. In true jam band fashion the name of the game is a skillful eclecticism. Around da phire too is one of my favorites from this album. The vocals are a little reminiscent of the talking heads. texas lasagna is also unique for a jam band and features scream club. My favorite is probably the mostly hip hop ghostiez who's hilarious refrain goes "trippin on acid in masonic graveyards/ who new life was gonna be this hard." overall they are extremely eclectic with a very unique sound a particular tongue in cheek sarcasm and a little cheesy goofiness you know someone like me would like.

Oh yeah, this doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to put you or your band in an appropriate lot/festy scene with a bunch of ghetto lot and/or non ghetto lot kids hanging around doing typical shit. Never hurts to ask though;)