Radical Behavior

I typed in the search "What is the war on terror?" The first article in the search is an actual Washington created site and states, verbatim, "The US Government in 2008 actively seeks to stamp out extremism or Radical behavior" There is No mention of who is being radical or what there extreme action is!!! What does this mean? What is extremism or radical behavior? Radical-(webster's)- From the Latin for Root; of or relating to, proceeding from a root; growing from the base of a stem that does not rise above the ground; Marked by a considerable departure from the usual or traditional! Tending to or disposed to making extreme changes in existing views, habits, conditions or institutions... How far are you from the "Center"? What or Where is that center? Is it a microscopic point leading down a thin line? Do you consider yourself radical or extreme in anyway? We are generation X! We are just going deeper with our tap roots to find the uncontaminated waters. When a tree's roots walk under the earth away from the tree, the tree becomes stronger.