This is my first GLK BLog entry... are you a Ghetto Lot Kid or Mellow Lot Pimp

I am Pizza T, guitarist/ visionary. Hate me or follow me, whaever.... it's all you and we are all one so you can never really escape the fact we share the same air and earth and reality even if our minds have their own, we are still obviously aware of each other. So the tour was awesome according to DeadHeads. I only ent to Shoreline and the Gorge. I am wearing my Gorge shirt today. I love Ed and gotta kick it with him on the East Coast Dead Lot. It was fun and wild. My night at the Shoreline Dead was very Molly and Coke soft drink sniff mmm mmm what a night selling cd's and jamming to the Dead. I love the lot scene. Some get discouraged, but really its all about YOU nad then all about the MUSIC or the other way around. Really its just life and life is what it is. I want everyone to take this advice.... Do not Judge a band on its fanz but on its jamz. Love Ed Love Ghetto Lot Kids I am a Mellow Lot Pimp... I work the lot in peace, but I love the GLKs....


Sorry, I mean I kicked it with Ed on the West Coast Dead lot. I was high when I wrote that. I'm almost always high or medicated.