As you might have seen on the LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We so sold out of all GLK shirts at the Phish Gorge show. People even wanted Z Kamp albums featuring the art work. Jamband music is on the brink of respect. Like rap music in the 80's.... we are being considered a trend or non existent. So why is that? I believe its the same reason why the Government closed down all info about how DNA was discovered on LSD. OJ Simpson got the DNA part of his case thrown out due to the fact that Johny Cockring brought in the hippy that discovered DNA on lsd to the jury... to the TRIAL.!!! We stand together. Do not let them make us into free money for police. We are real and possibly a religion. New GLKs on their way? Wait and see. I know Z Kamp tour was hot as hell, with lots of Z Kamp fans and pure GLK fans curious about Z Kamp... Or vice versu,,,,, hit me up if you want to talk more.