Ghetto Lot Kids on Phanart

Phan Art BlogPete Mason has taken upon himself the important task of archiving the incredibly diverse and creative art produced by fans of Phish and distributed on lot / tour. This record can be found on his blog and in a book he publishes called Phanart which can be ordered here: Order Phan Art the book I met him at Merriweather Post on the second night of the 2010 Phish shows there and he was already familiar with them and has added them to his blog, and hopefully will to the next edition of his book. Check out the story about the GLK's here: Ghetto Lot Kids on Phanart. While you're there check out the incredible array of creative culture this scene pumps out.

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Portsmouth ntelos ampitheater

i was lucky enough to go to the phish show here june 16th, 2010 despite my problems preventing travel this summer. one of the cool thing about this venue is that there is an rv lot that allows parking all night. obviously this is the shakedown lot. it was fairly wide open with some presence by undercovers but little interference, i did hear of ABC busting one girl for selling beer while the show was going on. this is always a problem at virginia shows but usually happens when lots are less crowded, earlier during the day or when the show is happening. It was never cleared after the show, and there was a surprising lack of nitrous for an east coast show. The whole time it was mostly peaceful despite the prevalence of alcohol and drugs and lack of law enforcement. There was one fight between some pizza vendors toward the end of the night which was quickly broken up by other heads, probably related to the ongoing french bread pizza mafia turf wars. we here at roots vision design endorse lot mafia diplomacy and an end to the bloodshed. just kidding. we think gdf should rule lot with an iron fist, you damn hippies.
-a salami lake um, ed523


jocelyn's corner:

Jocelyns cornerThis is pretty funny. It's a blog supposedly by some white trash chick named jocelyn. Here's a little sample of the kind of things she has to say.

"I tried to convince Darla to help me blow these two bouncers at the side entrance to get us backstage, but she helpfully pointed out that they were actually just a couple of overweight dudes waiting for a bus."

Check it out sometime.

Its actually attracted some attention about 5 months ago with this extremely satirical piece: Keep marijuana illegal in which she argued, among other things, that her cousins job security as prison guards depends on pot remaining illegal. It was picked up by reddit where it got 90 votes and was on the front page for a while. Here's that link:" You know what that means! Richmond was internet famous!

Urban Dictionary glk

1. ghetto lot kids

1. (adj) The more impoverished and/or sketchy end of the lot kid continuum. Lot kids are jam band music fans who follow their favorite musicians around on tour and therefore can usually be found in the parking lots of venues.
2. (n) A parody of Garbage Pail Kids created as a satire on the lot kid scene produced by Roots Vision Design beginning in 2005.
1. That ghetto lot kid gave me fleas and stole my heady vegan burrito.
2. Did you see Jim's new Ghetto Lot Kids shirt? I can't believe they still make that crap.

Bojangles coliseum charlott, nc

went there for furthur in february. small venue, the lot was directly behind it. it raged for a long time after blowout, i don't think the cops ever even cleared it. the best western is right next to the venue, get a room there if you can. you can literally stumble there from the lot if need be. north carolina has this ALE thing thats been know to use underhanded tricks like using tree stands and night vision to bust people smoking pot in their tents at, say, smilefest or harassing random people for standing too close to easy-ups in asheville. i guess they weren't in attendance.

Darien Lakes

Well... I got popped at D Lakes back in 05 and just got out a few months ago. I am now forced to live in the county that the venue is in and have a better idea about how this area works... Within Genesee County there is a state police barracks, the sherrif's department, a homeland security office as well as various city and villiage police departments that you could come across while drunkenly trying to find a hotie. And just to make it more interesting... I was at Orleans Correctional Facility for three years. This is in a neighboring county.


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