Slack Peter

Slack Peter

This isn't a reference to his need for Viagra, it's a reference to his bags. Oh yeah and they aren't headies. Also it sounds kind of like the Dead song, which i enjoy quite a bit unlike this guy. Definitely a ghetto lot kid of the indisputably bad kind. Alternate name: Haighthin' Nathan.

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Widespread Wayne

widespread wayne

Yee haw. This is more the redneck widespread fan than the frat boy widespread fan.

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Blowout Betty

Blowout Betty

It happens you know...We have all been a victim of it. I knew I would make all the money I needed to, however I usually like to get over and done with so i can rage. I had a good start at this festie and then the rage got me. I gotta make all the money I needed to in the first place and everything I blew through. Its all gotta go, the less I have to pack the better.

Discordian Training Video

This particular disorganization goes back to the late 1950's

They're not working to incite revolution and dispel the spell of Molech, which includes certain socially imposed limits to perception (to put it midly). Eris (the new planet?) will play a role in liberation, or not.


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