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Slack Peter

A Ghetto Lot kid slinging slack eighths at Hampton Coliseum

He was almost Heighthin Nathan about Height street kids selling slack eights but I didn’t know anything about that at the time. I did know about being a young custy not knowing where to get headies in town and looking for them when Phish played Hampton once and actually weighing the bags people people were selling.

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Blowout Betty

Dusty lotiana out on shakedown working blowout

Gas is expensive and she’s hustlin hard. She hasn’t seen the entire oncore all tour because she has to catch those crowds at blowout. If you see her out there on shakelot help her out. You look like you you need a $5 dollar burrito to soak up all the $15 crap beers you bought in the venue. Maybe get one of those much cheaper much better 1 4 3 2 4 5 beers. As an added bonus your supporting a down ass woman and not some big evil corporation. Seriously is it going to kill you ya stingy fuck? Seriously

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Cheeseball Charley

String Cheese Incident hooper Garbage Pail Kid

Our String Cheese Incident hooping kid, Originally from 2005 when they were still bluegrass. At the time I had come to believe that tie dye, patchwork and hemp jewelry was all cheesy hippy bullshit and this guy was meant to personify the corny stereotypical hippy. I no longer think tie dye, patchwork or SCI is cheesy by the way. You kids have at it.

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Pharm Team Darlene

Girl with a pile of uppers downers screamers and frowners

One of the characters released on t-shirts in 2005. Uppers, downers scream and frowners. Most of these GLK’s are archetypes and I guess it’s true some people represent particular archetypes more so than others but this was roughly based on two different people I knew on summer tour in 2003. One of them had a peeling sunburn from passing out in the sun.